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Here is a picture of possibly the biggest dolphin or Mahi ever caught on rod and reel. This fish could have been the new world record. What is the record for the largest dolphin? The all line class record is currently 87 pounds.
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world record Mahi  world record dolphin

The story on this fish is that it was caught off of Jacksonville by a Canaveral based tug traveling to South Carolina last week and trolling a line @ 9 kts.. These guys estimated it to be in the 100# range and didn't have the ice/capacity to keep it cold till they got to S.C., so they had to cut it up!!!! Little did they know that it was potentially the WORLD RECORD!!! It's nice to know that there's fish this  size .
The fish on the right Might also be the new world record. Rob Hammer was fishing in Bimini with his neighbor when they caught this fish. They estimate the fish to be 112 pounds. We will soon find out if this is true when the IGFA recognizes this fish





largest dolphin

The best tasting fish are world records.all line class world record dolphin 
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