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Bull Dolphin

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 Bull Dolphin
Bull Dolphin




The  Bull Dolphin is the most sought after fish in the world. Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean it doesn't matter where you go you can catch this prized trophy. The Bull is the male of the dolphin fish. They are great eating and their white flaky meat works with any fish recipe. On the hook they fight hard and jump high. This website is a tribute to this favorite fish.

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This fish is very prolific, growing very fast in its first year of life. They reach maturity at 6 months of age and are able to reproduce when they reach this age. They live to be about 5 years old and can reach a size of 90 pounds. school of MahiFemales can spawn 3 times a year and produce up to a million eggs each time. Dolphin will feed on almost anything they can chase down and catch. They primarily feed in the daylight hours. Due to recent advancements in larval rearing research, dolphin aquaculture presents a potentially lucrative and abundant source of food for humans, and reduces the chance of commercial and sport over fishing in the wild. Because of their rapid growth they are often raised in captivity as a food source. In captivity they grow slower than in the wild. They consume such massive amounts of food that aquaculture has not been as profitable compared to other species of fish. Dolphin is low in saturated fat and is a good source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, and potassium and a very good source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, and selenium. For more on nutrition, see Mahi Nutrition Facts.  . Globally, about 80 million pounds of Dolphin are consumed annually.

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Fisherman around the world value these golden gems. They are prized for the fantastic display of leaps and jumps after being hooked. The Spanish name for these fish, Dorado, translates into English as Gold. The light tackles dolphin fishing pictureenthusiast can find great satisfaction from battling even a small fish. Large fish (over 50 pounds) can match strengths with almost any angler. Battling a large Dolphin can sometimes take 2 hours to land on lighter tackle. They are relatively easy to catch once located. Locating schools of these green and gold athletes is as simple as looking for the 3 B' s. Birds, Boards, and Boats. Birds- find a flock of birds feeding in warm deep blue ocean depths and you have probably found a school of them. Boards - anything floating in the water such as a pallet or Bamboo log will lead you to a school of fish. These fish have an affinity for floating objects. Boats- other boats sitting and drifting may be in a school of fish. Be kind and don't crowd the other boat but get close enough to get in on the action. ...


Book A 2016 Dolphin Mahi Fishing Trip with the author Capt. Tom Charter fishing Ft Laudedale Florida

                                  from Dolphin Fishing Techniques Air Dolphin 
  by Tommy Martin

When I was a kid I bought my first boat to run offshore and catch Dolphin. In my younger days fishing on my parents boat we trolled rigged ballyhoo, and would catch all the fish we wanted. So I do what I know, Which is troll rigged ballyhoo and catch fish. In the late 1960's we would catch Kingfish,Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, Sailfish, and even a Marlin trolling rigged ballyhoo outside the third reef between Port Everglades and Boca Raton Florida. Many have their theories about why Fishing is not the same today, but the fact is fishing is not the same as it was back then. One day while out trolling a Ballyhoo with a pink skirt I caught the biggest Dolphin I had ever seen. The kicker is -it was a cow and the Bull Dolphin was even bigger and he was swimming around the boat. I tied everything I had on a line and threw it at him and he wouldn't eat. He stayed around the boat for over an hour. The cow, I had left in the water to keep the bull from swimming off. I tried chunks of cut bait, buck tail jigs of every color, and even a saltwater crank bait to no avail. Eventually, another boat saw me sitting still and had changed course and headed right on over. The guy pulled up close enough to shake hands with me. I tried to hold the rod down in the water so he couldn't see I had a fish on but he came so close he could see the bull under my boat. The guy tossed in a live pilchard, hooked my bull, Gaffed my bull, and then drove away with my bull dolphin of a lifetime. I finally realized that ballyhoo alone doesn't cut it. I don't think I have gone fishing since without live bait. The point here is what worked in the past doesn't always work in the present. I know live bait will out fish dead bait all day long but this applies also to lure fishing, jigging, speed, etc. I have found I have to change with the times. My buddy is an inshore guide and he complains about snook not biting on the lures he has fished with for years. Seeing the same lure over and over, Mr. Snook just ignores it. When a new jig becomes popular and fisherman start using it too much it becomes ineffective in certain areas. Adding a plastic tail to a bucktail can create a lure fish have never seen. Changing the color of the plastic can make a difference as well.  MORE....

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